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Why call Lou Simmons for your equipment repair needs?

• Locally based in Dutchess County, NY. Lou is a lifelong Millerton resident, family man and veteran.

• Experienced. Serving local homeowners and businesses since 1995.

• Affordable. Standard rates are $75/hour, considerably less than brand name techs.

• Fully Insured. You take your business seriously, and so do we.

• Easy to reach. Call Lou's direct line at 860-671-1391 or fill in the form below.

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Commercial Kitchen / Restaurant Equipment

• Charbroilers and Griddles

• Commercial Microwaves

• Commercial Ranges

• Deep Fryers

• Dishwashers

• Mixers

• Ovens

• Pizza Ovens

• Range Hoods

• Steam Tables

• Steamers

• Toasters

• Waffle and Crepe Machines

• Warming and Holding Equipment

Restaurant Equipment Brand Names
Pizza Ovens
Hobart Dishwasher

Brand Names

• Bakers Aid • Baxter • Berkel • Hatco • Hobart • Hubbell • Kinetico • Lucks • Manhart • Oliver • Stero • Traulsen • Vulcan • Wittco • Wolf


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